Two Cats rest after their spa treatment at Green Dog Mobile

Green Dog Mobile

Cat Grooming Services

We have successfully demonstrated our cat grooming ability through testing & independent evaluation during the grooming process. This certification is an earned recognition of safety knowledge, compassionate treatment & humane handling of the felines in our care. The CCG (Certified Cat Groomer) sets industry standards for safety, health, sanitation, & groomer ethics.

Green Dog Spa has received “Certified Cat Groomer” status with International Professional Groomers, Inc.

Bath & Brush

Begins with a shampoo to rejuvenate skin & coat. We also trim nails & clean ears. Your pet is then fluffed dry, brushed & combed.

Belly & Sanitary trim

Your cat will have its belly and/or sanitary area trimmed.

We start with a consultation. This includes nails & brushing. We then proceed with shaving tangles (if needed) from the coat and a bath if possible. This can happen during the same visit or the following to space out the grooms so they can get used to the process. We recommend every 4 to 8 weeks to help control dander and undercoat.